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The Artist Stine Servé

I was born in Denmark, where I grew up. For three years I also lived abroad – in Amerika and Portugal. I originally trained as a graphic designer and worked in graphic design for 10 years, but now I work full-time mainly as an artist, and run workshops on creativity for companies.

I have been painting pictures for more than 16 years, the first 8 years I worked and studied under Carsten Dinesen, from whom I learnt all the essential fundamental techniques needed for drawing and painting.

I am especially interested in the symbols of the world and their different meaning and significance. I use them a lot in my work, depicting and telling visual stories that intensify the experience of my art and painting to and give it a deeper meaning.

I love travelling and to go all over the world and often visit places to find new challenges, get inspiration and meet new people. – But never without with my brushes, colors paints and sketchbook. I’ve found inspiration for paintings in countries like as varied as France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Thailand, the USA, Braszil, India, Spain, Austria, Greece and Vietnam.

I have my own gallery and studio in Roskilde where I paint for private and business clients. The studio also serves as a location for exhibiting my work and is open to the public six days a week.