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Inspiration - "Around the World" with Stine Servé

It is important for me to see the world. Be in the nature. That is where I find inspiration for what I do. On my travels, I always have a sketchbook to write down my ideas, thoughts and impressions. Often I hand it round to the people I meet so they can contribute with their own drawings and texts. This contributes valuable inspiration and unforgettable experiences. When I return to my studio, I use the contents of my sketchbook to tell stories on my canvas.

I take care of myself both mentally and physically. Several times a week I unwind by jogging in the countryside; this clears my mind and recharges my batteries.

I have also taken courses in NLP and this has helped me connect with other people's values, understand the way they think and their perspective on the world. This is especially important in commission work, because it gives me the tools to form an impression of the people/company I paint for.